A Founding Member of the USMC Anti-Terrorism Battalion’s Accidental Discovery…

The Secret that Got My Wife Shooting Better than Our Most Battle Hardened Spec Ops Vets

Why “Backward Training” Is the Fastest, Easiest Short-Cut
to Joining the Top 10% of Shooters in the World –
Without Firing a Single Round

Proven Effective by 100’s of Government Operators
…and One “Deadeye” Wife

Dear handgun owner,

I know your time is valuable, so I won’t mess around.

I’m Chris Graham.

My background is in Special Operations, specifically, Marine Force Recon, the elite of the USMC elite.

chuck-testimonialI also was a founding member of the USMC Anti-Terrorism Battalion and commander of our first Task Force to complete the full anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism program created before deploying for combat operations abroad.

But these days I’m a highly sought after firearms and tactical training consultant for the U.S. Government.

I can’t tell you what agencies I’m working with, but all of the people I train are former combat vets. Many of them with Spec Op backgrounds.

When I first started this training with prospective shooters for one well known agency, it was shocking how lousy their shooting mechanics were.

With only 10 days to work with these government operators… it was sad I ended up spending too much time fixing problems.

Because complete control over their handguns was essential.

After all, a sidearm is their primary weapon for many of their missions. (Just like it was in my “non-standard” missions during recon days.)

And to be clear, I feel responsible for the safety and survivability of each operator that I train.

So I busted my brain coming up with an answer to better prepare them.

My goal was to vault each operator’s handgun skills into the top 10%… BEFORE they even came to live fire training with me.

That’s where things got strange…

After training dozens upon dozens of students, I discovered the first thing they wanted to do was pull a trigger.

I don’t know why that was a surprise, after all, shooters want to shoot!

Yet most conventional training, even military training starts at the beginning.

That means they start at the draw stroke and FINISH with squeezing the trigger.

But all of my students had proven that method wasn’t a ticket to the top 10% of shooters.

So I decided to start with the shot… and run the entire sequence backwards.

In other words, START with mastery of the trigger pull and move backwards to the draw stroke.

I know it sounds crazy, but innovation takes radical action.

And of course drastic changes don’t always deliver a breakthrough.

But despite the odds being against me, I broke down every segment of the mechanics of shooting a sidearm… backwards.

woman-target-rangeTo make a long story short, I tested this idea on my wife.

She’s an attorney, comfortable with a firearm… but no expert by any means.

After instruction, we went to the range and I put her through a similar qualification my students.

I was flabbergasted.

To cut to the chase, she shot better than most of the combat vets I’d been training.

In the past five years I have trained SWAT teams, Intelligence Officers, Spec Ops and combat veterans from all branches for government programs.

My wife certainly didn’t shoot better than all of them, of course.

But you would be surprised how many.

And she has a fraction of the experience with a handgun that these operators have.

Even I was shocked how well “backward training” worked!

Immediately I created a 30 day program for my students to train with BEFORE they came to live fire instruction.

The results were amazing.

Rarely did I need to do remedial training.

Finally I could jump right to the team level training that could save their lives in the field.

By using my program, consistent, smooth, accurate mechanics for tactical pistol operation was in the bag.

I was confident if any of these operators got into a pickle, they had autopilot skills they didn’t even have to think about.

And I knew they’d have rock-solid mechanics to put rounds on target… in one-hole groupsESPECIALLY when things went haywire.

Because the moment events become unscripted, (like an ambush), your defense must be automatic.

But of course there’s a hitch…

There always is, right?

See, no single training is perfect, no matter how good it sounds.

And I learned that about backward training.

Let me explain.

I quickly realized there were two kinds of shooters who I train.

Those who played the 30 days full out… and those that didn’t.

Look, every teacher sees what they teach as THE most important thing.

I admit I do.

After all, I want people coming home alive.

But with students, that’s a different story.

Many are over confident about their shooting ability.

Others don’t realize how much higher they can set the standard than their firearms qualification requires… even the 1 in 100 who max it out.

And then there’s the fact I don’t have “life or death” authority over their training.

So I quickly noticed it took a certain kind of shooter to get through the 30 day training at a high level.

What kind of shooter?

One who throws his or her ego out the window and can be disciplined and focused…and not resting on his glory days.

Because to make the most of backward training, you MUST be present and in the moment for 15 minutes a day.

And these days folks seem to have the attention span of a goldfish…

Which brings me to you…

Look, shooting targets is one thing, but defending yourself in a high-stress situation is a completely different can of worms.

I used to keep this training “in the family” and only shared it with Government operators I’ve trained.

But recently, I decided to share it with “civilians.”

Of course I can’t “hold your feet to the fire” and ensure you take the training seriously.

You must be the one to decide to focus that all important 15 minutes a day… for 30 days straight.

I wrote it as short and sweet as possible.

Even the videos are short and focused on the precise detail I want you to focus on for each lesson.

That means you must read and digest each word and resist the temptation to skip ahead in training.

So if you can’t make me a “Gentleman’s agreement”, I’d prefer you come back and see me when you can.

I guarantee this program can put you in the top 10% of ALL shootersbut only if you have the cajones to put in the “work.”

The truth is, the top 10% of shooters is an easy mark to hit if you can commit to a 15 minute session every day for the full 30 days.

No skipping ahead, no “I already know that”… and no days off.


The way “backward training” works is solidifying one or two “micro skills” and committing them to muscle memory.

Each “micro skill” builds upon the previous one.

First you make it perfect. Then you make 100% consistent, then you make it fast.

And the totality of the 30 day experience essentially “baby-steps” you through each phase of your shooting mechanics.

It takes discipline and honesty with yourself to be successful.

It takes guts.

If you’ve got ‘em… welcome to the Top 10% Club.

Not only will this training turn you into a hero at the range, it goes much further as you discover how to:

  • Create the MOST EFFICIENT drawstroke and be the first to fire and hit a vital area to stop violent attacks
  • Hit nearly all of your smallest targets with 100% accuracy (it’s not just about draw speed…you can’t miss fast enough to win a gunfight)
  • Make the best tactical decisions possible BEFORE getting into a confrontation
  • Win the fight, day or night. Concealed or open carry. Standing or knocked to the ground. Against moving targets, multiple opponents and shooting while on the move
  • Shoot fast and accurate with either hand
  • Make life saving shots with adrenaline pumping, sweat flowing and your heart pounding like a bass drum
  • Put yourself instantly inside the same cool, calm, and ruthlessly efficient mindset that the best combat-tested professionals get into when in a real life situation

If that sounds good, let me tell you about my program.

I guarantee it creates a higher level of skill with your pistol than 90% of all shooters, including military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters.

And the best part is almost all of your training in the convenience and comfort of your own home, or office.

I call it, 30-10 Pistol Training.

Who is 30-10 Pistol Training For?

First of all, it’s for the committed.

If you don’t have a burning desire to be better than 90% of all shooters, you’ll never get there.

Because if you’re like 99% of the shooters that I train privately and for the US Government, you’re “blowing your load” at the firing range.

Most shooters shoot hundreds, some even thousands of live rounds, getting A LOT of practice at being SLOPPY, inefficient and often dangerous.

They don’t understand what REALLY matters.

Let me get real here.

Without proper direction, you might be having fun playing with your gun, but for the most part, you’re wasting your time.

Not to mention you’re leaving your best practice rounds in a heap at the range.

And trying to stay in control and force accuracy that you don’t have in a real life situation will bring your WORST performance into a gun battle.

That’s why we regularly hear of law enforcement and civilians missing round after round when they were trying to save themselves and others from a vicious, relentless criminal attack.

Let me expand on that.

If you’re like most pistol owners, you love to go out to the range and fire rounds for an hour or two, right?

Everyone who takes firearms seriously does this.


Seasoned professionals do this too.

I do.

But the top pros practice something different as well… something you MUST get a grip on.

See, the seasoned combat pro knows how to fire his fastest, most accurate shots:

  • Under extreme stress…
  • Under a wide variety of circumstances…
  • And in a dynamic, evolving situation!

Let’s run through a scenario:

You get all geared up and head out to the range with a pistol and ammo in hand.

You’re pumped up, and start squeezing the trigger and loving the sheer exhilaration of blowing off a bunch of rounds.


Wait right there.

The big difference between a pistol-packing-pro, and the amateurs… hasn’t even been shot or thought of yet.

While you’re grinning away like a Cheshire cat squeezing the trigger, the professional added in 3 simple steps (and secrets) and…

Permanently “Wired In” The MOST
Important Skill to His Mind and Body

Where It PERMANENTLY Remains
At His Beck And Call…

This ONE THING easily separates highly skilled gunfighters from trigger-happy amateurs or even averagely trained professionals.

It’s what allows them to perform at extreme levels that hold their edge in life-and-death combat.

A career operator knows this one major lesson then “stores it away” in his sub-conscious, where he can access it at any time, in any stressful situation.

He can maintain his cool, quick draw his pistol, maintain his or her composure and fire with 100% accuracy.

The amateur?

Ineffective practice on the range creates a stress response where the amateur moves quickly in inefficient spasms and quickly fires shot after shot that misses the target –thinking that squeezing the trigger faster will help them get out of a deadly situation.

His chance… blown.

Look, FBI statistics of officer involved shootings prove there’s about an 85% chance that you’ll miss your attacker with each and every round you fire in a close quarters, defensive lethal force encounter!

All because you missed this ONE KEY in your practice.


Anyone can squeeze a trigger fast …
but it’s where the bullets HIT that matters most!

Just like most simple drills in any complex sport, they often go ignored as not quite ‘sexy’ enough to warrant the attention they deserve.

Because when it comes down to it, simple blocking and tackling wins games.

But amateurs and even semi-pros skip on right by these useful exercises because they aren’t making holes in the targets… and they just aren’t NEARLY as much fun.

But they do save lives.

Maybe yours… maybe your family’s.

dvd-and-bookIn the 30-10 Pistol Training System, you’ll discover the high-leverage secrets that most other trainers even refuse to admit are as important as they really are!

But most importantly we chunk it down to “baby-steps” – and train key skills in reverse sequence for a very important reason that few instructors understand.

We master the tiny details that your instructors have probably glossed over (there’s a good chance they didn’t know any better) and we put it all together in a very deliberate sequence.

Remember, every 15 minute session was created for a specific purpose and each builds upon the last.

At the end you walk away with world-class skill that VERY FEW shooters possess.

Whether you are a 10 year veteran patrol cop, or a brand new gun owner, this may be your last chance to develop REAL pistol skills before you’re tested in a life and death attack.

I’ve been in combat many times, I KNOW what really matters when faced head on with someone who wants to blow your flipping head off your shoulders.

I’ve been in close combat conditions, and I’ve been in situations with multiple shooters coming at me from multiple angles.

Shooting under extreme stress… like what people face in a life-or-death self-defense situation, is different.

Your fingers feel like you are wearing mittens.

Attempts at fancy gun handling quickly end with your gun, or mag, laying between your feet.

Your vision narrows to where you may as well be looking through the center tube of a paper towel roll.

Nothing works the way you think it should…unless you know what to expect ahead of time AND condition yourself for success.

UNLESS you know and master the skills I cover in the 30-10 Pistol Course…

…I KNOW this skill is just as important, I’d even say MORE important… than just the quick draw and accuracy side of the equation.

You need those – and you need to be trained by the best on those.

BUT, if you forget to add in the stress control piece… you’ll be the one laying in a body-bag… not the bad guy.

The best part is…

You can condition precision, perfection and efficiency in the face of real life stress and imperfect circumstances… In just 30 days!

If I could just explain it to you in this letter, I would.

But, after all my training and combat experience, I’ve found a very specific step-by-step formula to building this capability to where it’s on autopilot.

That means you won’t have to THINK what to do in a combat or street situation… you’ll just DO what needs to be done.

You’ll have skills that one in a thousand shooters has.

Having trained many law enforcement agencies, I bet fewer than 1 in 100 law enforcement officers really have these skills.

And it CAN be that simple to be in the top 10%.

In fact…

It IS That Simple.

Here’s a peek inside what I share in my 30-10 Pistol Training:

  • 4 critical rules that predetermine if its time to hang up your pistol or pursue the path of the master.
  • Caliber Envy? Discover what’s FAR more important to your safety than pistol caliber or ego, as well as “Monkey”‘s first hand, downrange DOPE from his time as a SEAL.
  • Duty rig and daily carry essentials and how to choose the perfect firearm for your needs, your skill level, and your patience.
  • How I let my edge dull…the Special Operations qualification that slapped me upside the head… and how I got my edge back!
  • Holster positioning and the 2 factors that help or hurt your speed and ability.
  • What to wear when you want to train (and shoot) like a real pro rather than a gear catalog wannabe.
  • Both eyes open? Or one eye closed? Which works best for combat shooting, and how to wean yourself off old habits.
  • Finger follies and the trigger finger fundamentals that help you shoot straighter and operate safer in dynamic situations.
  • Perfect body position and movement for using cover, room clearing, and all around defense readiness.
  • Make gravity work for you not against you like the people to your right and left at the range
  • Obstacle maneuvering techniques proven to work when your attacker is active, and you must get off the X to safely engage and stop the threat, regardless of the people, debris, and obstacles in your environment.
  • Crystal clear mental imagery that your mind can use for straight-as-an-arrow firing from close range.
  • THE ONE KEY THING to have in place before putting pressure on your trigger finger.
  • Single-action vs. Double-action pistols: advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as how to DOUBLE the benefit of your training time and budget.
  • 2 DUMB and devastating things you may do that waste time defending yourself, and could even kill you.
  • Day 4 walks you through hand positioning for a fast and flawless drawstroke (also revealing the common mistake that puts a bloody hole in your non-firing hand.)
  • Holster position and design: how to tell if you need a new holster or can save your money and just need a new position.
  • Fashion tips from the quick draw masters: 2 drills to master for button down shirts or open jacket drawstrokes.
  • The brilliant position that allows you to block, fight, or draw your pistol (while sneakily hiding your intent from others.)
  • NEVER wear this one thing (no matter how comfortable) when going out on the streets or an operation, if you haven’t trained in it before.
  • Loading and unloading drills that fine tune your speed and triple your safety.
  • 2 common injuries that happen when inspecting the chamber of your pistol (the scary part is… most firearms trainers teach you to do these!)
  • Building x-ray like vision while loading your pistol, and the load position that keeps you completely aware of your surroundings.
  • 3 life-saving tips for carrying and storing full magazines in your belt.
  • How to correctly use Isaac Newton’s gift for rapid unloading and loading.
  • Caution against a simple movement people make with their non-firing hand that slows you down (and could end up getting you killed.)
  • Habit forming movements and drills for safe re-holstering.
  • The common re-holstering mistake that may take your pistol out of battery and the simple, life saving trick to avoid it.
  • Day 7 Drills help you avoid trigger mishaps that cause accidents and sloppy shooting (plus one high leverage tip to fix the simple trigger issue causing you to be slow, inefficient, and potentially a danger to others).
  • Master firing your pistol standing, kneeling, sitting, prone, AND supine…yes prone and supine…and the reason why you need these skills
  • Use light and darkness to your advantage and let your opponent struggle
  • Ridiculously simple combat reload techniques and drills that permanently wire your mind for automatic and instantaneous actions.
  • Concealment vs. cover: what to use and when.
  • 7 simple steps and 2 rapid scans to do after each engagement (making these lightning fast and second nature comes from day 9, drill 2.)
  • The smartest and safest assumption you’ll ever make in real life emergencies and dire situations.
  • Double feed danger and drills that prepare you for this type of malfunction.
  • “CLICK” is the sound you hate to hear without firing… here’s 2 rapid drills to clear your weapon and commence firing.
  • Fashion Faux Pas: 2 deadly garment mistakes that broadcast your weapon and brand you an amateur (likely getting you shot or killed in the process).
  • Television terror and an utterly simple technique showing you how to use your local news anchor to develop pro-level quick draw skills wearing everyday street clothes.
  • Training scars commonly taught by firearms instructors who’ve never been in real combat situations (and when taking cover, can get you shot.)
  • Commands and codes that can make a loved one a teammate when you need one the most
  • The secret of tactical reload drills that allow you to create opportunities in an engagement to load a full magazine.
  • When to cycle the slide and when you don’t need to.
  • Proper use of Thunderwear and pocket holster drawstrokes for speed, safety, and accuracy
  • Full concealment vs. partial… the street-smart and proven drills that make you a master, and the deadly dangers of both.
  • Ankle holster drills (if you use one) for proper stance, eye positioning, and technique for a fast, safe presentation.
  • Simulating stress in a non-stressful environment wearing button down shirts.
  • Step by step guidance for using webcam and phonecam video for rapidly accelerated learning
  • Combat reloading when under extreme stress (Day 15, drill 2).
  • Pivot drills (Left, right & 180 degrees) for use under situational stress (including proper foot stance for accurate and rapid firing).
  • Inefficient and clumsy mistakes in your pivots that may get you (or innocent bystanders) killed.
  • Speed vs. safety balance… discover the ultimate balance between safety and speed for perfect shooting.
  • Broken or injured hands? What to do and how to maintain your cool when stressed out, incapacitated, and in desperate need of firing your weapon with a non-functional hand (Day 17 covers both strong & weak hand injuries).
  • One handed reloads for combat conditions where you’re stressed out, incapacitated, or out of bullets.
  • Standing, walking, and running while firing your weapon. You’ll instinctively learn what to do when you must be on the move (including side movement to firing and non-firing hand sides… PLUS separate drills to deal with incapacitated firing hands while on the move).
  • Day 20 shows you strategies & drills that train you to avoid getting shot (and what one mistake amateurs make that consistently gets them injured).
  • Kneeling, squatting and Monica-style shooting drills.
  • 2 keys to perfectly accurate firing while shooting from cover (and undoubtedly feeling awkward).
  • Secret knee techniques for firing from cover and managing inadvertent bumps or balance loss.
  • Seated shooting drills with obstacles in your way (including how to clear the obstruction with a rapid drawstroke – without altering your accuracy).
  • Seatbelts… friend or foe? What do to if your vehicle is disabled and a seatbelt is in your way (and how to ensure it NEVER gets in your way).
  • Shooting into and out of a vehicle windshield (and the surprising bullet trajectories to prepare for, from each side of the windshield…same windshield, different effect on your bullets)
  • Cheek-welds and how to accurately fire from a prone position.
  • Knocked on your back and nowhere to go? Discover how to position yourself for maximum firing speed and personal protection.
  • White light positioning and shooting tactics. How to use white light and when darkness is your best friend. One handed reloads for combat conditions where you’re stressed out, incapacitated, or out of bullets.
  • Flashlight positioning for one-handed firing, bracing, and strong or weak hand holding.
  • Extreme close quarters drawstrokes when under stress and wearing a button down shirt (including what to do when full extension of pistol is not an option.)
  • Knife defense in extreme close quarters, including where to aim your pistol when your attacker is swinging the blade at you.
  • Tennis ball tactics for practicing accuracy on moving targets (day 26 drills.)
  • 2 pinpoint accuracy drills for hitting moving targets (where to aim and how to lock in and track their movement.)
  • Multiple target mistakes that get you killed. How to accurately hit multiple targets when both are intent on putting a bullet in you.
  • Chaos drills for moving multiple targets. Discover where to aim when two or more targets are coming at you… why the first and last target get a different number of rounds on the first pass (plus… one other highly useful drill that helps you simulate 100% accuracy when under extreme stress.)
  • Sidestepping obstacles and using stressful situations to your advantage for a perfect draw and accurate fire.

“One of the things that sets Chris apart from most military shooting instructors…even special operations shooting instructors…is that he spent time embedded in an Iraqi paramilitary unit hunting terrorists and dodging the assassination and kidnap plans of terrorist cell members within the force he was living with.

He didn’t sleep with a rifle in his hand. He slept with a pistol in his hand, always concealed.

He became a master at combat and self-defense pistol shooting because he had situations where he was walking into meetings, miles away from the closest American operating base, with known terrorists. The thing that he counted on to get him out of that room and back to teammates and his own rifle was a concealed pistol.

If things went hot, he would have to take care of business with the pistol he had concealed, his wits, and nothing more.”

-Phil Dwyer,
former USAF Pararescueman and
current US Government training consultant

“I would recommend this shooting program for all security professionals that have limited time for extra training. This program will allow you to stay proficient on the mechanical aspects of weapon manipulation and hone efficient use of your equipment and effective movement. This program can help basically trained shooters make significant progress to becoming “advanced” shooters. Chris has put together a solid training program that will benefit a wide spectrum of end users.”

-U.S. Navy SEAL, Afghanistan veteran
and USG tactical trainer

“I have known Chris and worked with him for a couple of years on various government projects and can personally attest to both his shooting ability and ability as an instructor to break subject matter down to the most digestible level. His concept is scientifically proven effective and not just from a shooter’s perspective.

As a Professional Mixed Martial Artist I spend hours executing thousands of punches, kicks and other techniques by shadowboxing, striking heavy bags, pads and other drills trying to execute techniques perfectly every time. Chris’ program is an insightful, well structured course that does similar for shooters and produces measurable results you will find amazing. I highly recommend this training for my combatives trainees and anyone else who is serious about protecting themselves.”

-Andrew Curtis, 3rd Special Forces Group (Abn),
Afghanistan veteran, and USG trainer

As I said… this course covers almost every single combat-tested skill you need to know to take your game to the next level.

First you’ll do it perfectly, and then you’ll have it permanently burned into your muscle memory.

How to breathe, how to move, where to position your hands, and your body… and how to HIT your target every single time.

Once you get these skills locked in…
the abilities are yours forever.

Just like that.

The result?

Calm, cool, and collected when faced with a life and death situation.

Hands that know what to do without a second of wasted thought or reflection.

Laser like focus, and a sharpshooters ability to hit the bulls eye EVERY TIME.

Without mistakes…deadly mistakes.

Not to mention you’ll be firing like a hero at the range and making your pals look like boot rookies!

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not… these are serious skills that have saved my life time and time againand have saved my clients lives.

Once you experience this 30 day program, you’ll forever be a different person.

As I said, I’d tell you right here, right now if I could… so you won’t get caught in a situation you need it in before you go through the course!

The problem is… it’s a sequence you need to go through step-by-step.

Trying to simplify it here, or even giving you partial lessons, would screw up the sequence and could put you in a deadly situation.

It really is simple…

…but you first need to see it… then you need to DO IT!

It’s why this course has BOTH written explanations AND video close ups of key elements of what you are also seeing in photos.

Read it…See it…Do it.

That’s how you PERMANENTLY hard code your high speed, high quality technique into long term memory.

Just like these folks…

“It Works”

“It really does get you to the top 10% of shooters- way beyond average police officers and military shooters. This is ideal for CCW holders and individuals interested in sharpening marksmanship, speed and safety for home defense while practicing tactics. The incremental way all the training is put together is very clever- it looks mundane at first, but by the end you are smoothly executing complex tactical skills and drills without hesitation. Highly recommended.”

– Mike Moran

“The Greatest Training Program!”

“Amazing training program. My shooting is exponentially better. I improved by leaps and bounds from the time I started this and I am so happy! This is the greatest training program I have ever done.”

– Christine Hills

“Probably the Only Course You Will Ever Need to
Improve Your Defensive Shooting Skills … A Must Buy”

“30-10 Pistol Training, is brilliantly written by Chris Graham who has taken the concept of dry-firing exercises to its ultimate. Honestly, if you really want to perfect your defensive shooting skills, these dryfire exercises will do the trick.”

– Harry Orenstein, FRICS (Retired)

“Highly Recommend It.”

“Chris Graham is an expert shooter and I loved the program. I really struggled with anticipating the shot and this training helped tremendously. Highly recommend it.”

– John Wellington

“I Can Outshoot My Dad and My Brother Now.”

“30-10 is both the most comprehensive and simple to follow Concealed Carry skills course I have ever seen or even heard of. The videos really made critical points clear. I don’t think there is anything else quite like this. I can outshoot my dad and my brother now. I feel way safer and more confident in my gun handling skills and pistol tactics than I ever thought possible.”

–Trisha Smith, wife, mom, gun owner

So how do you get started?

Simple, you can start training today for as little as $37.

Just look for the “Add to Cart” buttons below.

I’ve made everything risk free too.


No risk. No BS. No hassle.


Here’s the deal: If you want to take your firearm skills to the next level, If you want all the little tactical pistol tricks that top individual special operators use and want to permanently lock in the skills that keep you fast, accurate, and in control under extreme stress, then reserve your copy of the training program here.

Next, commit 30 days to the program. Every day for the next 30, block off 15 minutes to go through that day’s drills.

Read the instructions, watch the videos and follow through with the drills.

See for yourself how it affects your pistol handling and even your confidence.

If, for any reason after you’ve completed the training, you’re not satisfied with your newfound skills, just shoot us an email, and you’ll get an immediate refund of every penny you paid.

No hassles. No hook. No headache.

Plain and simple.

oliver-testimonialHaving fought in combat, and having trained individuals and teams to survive in the most high-threat regions of the world while conducting the most sensitive missions, I am highly confident that this is the one single program that’ll change your game forever.

“Lock in” the skills and the mindset once and for all… and be PREPARED for when, or if, anything serious ever happens.

You won’t have time to think back on your training, you WON’T NEED TO… it’ll be there for your use automatically, when it counts.

Deadly serious.

Beautifully simple.

Take your firearms abilities to the next level in just 30 days.

Waiting won’t help you if something happens to you or someone you love in a couple weeks.

These drills WILL.

Don’t miss out.


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checkgreen3 YES! I want to learn these life-saving skills of professional firearms experts! I want to discover the secret of locking in the mindset of someone who is battle-tested and able to keep calm, cool, and collected… while deadly fast and accurate.

I understand I am under ZERO risk with my investment here – I can order this program, test it, go through the training, see firsthand the difference it makes with my own skills – and if I honestly don’t see a difference in the next 60 days, I can return it for any reason at all, and get 100% of my money back, hassle free.

I understand I am paying $47 right now for this program. That’s a better-than-fair deal, and I am looking forward to acting and thinking like a combat-tested professional.

I understand that I’ll get instant access to the PDF version of the course that I can read on my computer, mobile device, or print out as well as immediate access to 31 no-BS, to the point, skill demonstration videos.




  • A tested and proven 30 day at-home pistol training program that will elevate your skills to the top 10% of all shooters.
  • Day-by-Day, step-by-step instructions complete with explanations and photos demonstrating exactly how to perform each drill with precision.
  • The same training that Chris provides to tactical law enforcement, government close protection teams headed overseas, and teams that he goes downrange with.
  • Instant delivery in PDF format, so you can start training within minutes…even if it’s 2AM.
  • 31 no-BS skill demonstration video shorts available immediately and on-demand.

Add To Cart – $37




  • A tested and proven 30 day at-home pistol training program that will elevate your skills to the top 10% of all shooters.
  • Day-by-Day, step-by-step instructions complete with explanations and photos demonstrating exactly how to perform each drill with precision.
  • The same training that Chris provides to tactical law enforcement, government close protection teams headed overseas, and teams that he goes downrange with.
  • Instant delivery in PDF format, so you can start training within minutes…even if it’s 2AM.
  • 31 no-BS skill demonstration video shorts available immediately and on-demand.
  • The 30-10 Pistol Training book delivered directly to your doorstep.

Add To Cart – $47


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  • A tested and proven 30 day at-home pistol training program that will elevate your skills to the top 10% of all shooters.
  • Day-by-Day, step-by-step instructions complete with explanations and photos demonstrating exactly how to perform each drill with precision.
  • The same training that Chris provides to tactical law enforcement, government close protection teams headed overseas, and teams that he goes downrange with.
  • Instant delivery in PDF format, so you can start training within minutes…even if it’s 2AM.
  • 31 no-BS skill demonstration video shorts available immediately and on-demand.
  • The 30-10 Pistol Training book delivered directly to your doorstep.
  • 7 additional supplemental instructional video shorts from the author, former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham, on DVD AND instant, on-demand.
  • Never-before-seen presentation from Chris on how to go from the top 10% to the top 1% by breaking all the rules. On DVD AND instant, on-demand.

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