Sample Drill from 3010Pistol

Today, I want to share a sample lesson with you from former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham’s 3010Pistol course, guaranteed to put you in the top 10% of all shooters in the next 30 days.

birchwood casey spot targets

Birchwood Casey 1″ Spot Targets

There are a few items that you’re going to want to have, ideally, but that aren’t required.
1. A video camera or the video camera on your phone.
2. An inert training platform like the SIRT or snap caps
3. 1″ Orange Birchwood Casey spot targets or a thumbtack stuck into cardboard.

Once you’ve confirmed that you have an unloaded gun (or an inert training platform), have removed all ammunition from the area, have a distraction free training environment, and a backstop that can safely contain any negligent discharges, you’re ready to begin.

Set up your target in front of your safe backstop.

Pick a spot 7′ from your target to stand.

Set up your video camera so that you can record yourself shooting. To start with, as you’re facing the target, you want the camera 45 degrees off to whichever side you holster your pistol on, facing you and not the target.

For this drill, start with your pistol concealed, facing the target.

3010stance-Confirm both feet are approximately shoulder width apart (or a little wider)
-The foot on your shooting-hand side can be a couple inches to a few inches toward the rear as in a fighting stance
-Ensure that your hips are exactly equidistant to the target
-Ensure that your shoulders form the two points of a triangle with the target as the third point
-Roll your center of gravity forward, you should not be leaning back, you should not be standing straight up and down

Focus on smooth movements and perfect efficiency. Perfectly efficient technique practiced enough times will lead to speed.

Whenever you’re ready,
1. Clear cover
2. Draw
3. Get your support hand grip
4. Extend to full extension as you’re aligning the sights on the target and squeezing the trigger and
5. Release the dry fire shot as you reach full extension and have confirmed sight alignment with the target.

If necessary, get your gun ready for the next repetition, scan, reholster, and repeat 4 times.

After you’ve gone through the drill 5 times, review your video:

Is your stance perfect?
Is your center of gravity rolled forward perfectly?
How could you clear cover more efficiently?
Is your drawstroke perfectly efficient?
Did you present the weapon at eye level in front of the dominant eye (or did you duck your head to the weapon)?
Did you move the weapon in a perfectly straight line down the line-of-sight to your full presentation position?
Were you able to smoothly pressure the trigger straight to the rear to “break” the shot before reaching full extension?
Were there any “staggers” or “hesitations” in your drawstroke?

Pick out 1 or 2 things that you want to want to change/work on/improve and film yourself doing the drill 5 more times HOWEVER SLOWLY YOU NEED TO to do the part of the drawstroke that you’re focusing on perfectly.

Repeat as necessary, but not longer than you can maintain focus and execute good technique. If you can’t remain focused or if your technique starts to get sloppy, stop training and come back later.

force reconThis is 1 part of a single lesson from former Force Recon Marine, Chris Graham’s course.  Because of the solo work that Chris did with tribal leaders, hours away from backup, Chris was forced to achieve a level of mastery with the pistol that few others do…even elite military operators who normally rely on their carbines and each other.  You can tap into the combat proven pistol fighting lessons that kept Chris alive and that he teaches today to high speed law enforcement, government, and military teams by going to